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Each business has its own individual requirements for funding in both the short and long term planning process.  Forecasting for these requirements is a key portion of the business plan.  Failure to accurately plan for these requirements will in all probability and at the very least stall the expansion and/or growth of the business. Before … Continue reading

Are you Tweeting?

  The evolution of technology is bringing about a plethora of social network sites. There is Myspace, Linkedin, Facebook, Blogging, and Twitter to name a few of the prolific sites. I discovered twitter about two weeks ago and tweetdeck tonight. Either embrace the technology or be left behind. Follow me on twitter at http://twitter.com/hardworkinggal Looking for … Continue reading

Resiliency and Kung Fu Panda

  Although the concept for the word resiliency implies a fit between two functions, the theory that attempts to explain this construct has proven to be more difficult because of confounding issues regarding measurement. The two functions occur when there are adverse situations to overcome.   It is believed that resiliency does not occur if … Continue reading


Although I should be ecstatic that my son is now home after serving almost fifteen months in Iraq, I can’t begin to describe how parents, wives, siblings, friends, and others who continue to have loved ones overseas feel. I can anticipate the effects of PTSD because of my field. However, how can those without the pedagogy of psychology … Continue reading

Enjoy Life

     On a recent trip to a large retail store, I witnessed an exchange that perplexed me. The cashier was flustered at the customer, who was flustered over the higher prices of food. The exchange was comical if not down right sad. The cashier told the customer that she had a bachelors degree in math … Continue reading

Customer Service as a Marketing Strategy

 I’m following up on the”First Things First” post where I discussed leaving the abyss of an unhappy life for a more fruitful one. Today I had several customers return specifically asking for me by name (this happens often). In the business I am known as simply Judy (and not as Dr. Judy). These customers have … Continue reading

First Things First

     Are you fast and fizzle or slow and deliberate? Imagine if you will how you are today. Now imagine how you were 2 years ago. Jump to the future and imagine yourself in 2 years. Don’t think about anyone else (kids, spouse, friends, etc.). Focus on yourself. Are you happy? Are you wasting time … Continue reading

Mr. Ninja knew I was reading in the bathroom

This is my first attempt at loading a photo on a blog. I hope it works. This is Mr. Ninja. He is 12 1/2 years old and believes he is human. He intuitively knew that I was reading in the bathroom and hence opened the door. He also knew I was reading a book about cheese … Continue reading

Who Moved My Cheese?

I’m sitting on the commode and one of the cats grabs the doorknob and is able to jiggle it loose (Yes, Mr. Ninja is smart and I will soon post a picture). Then one of the dogs completes the job. He poops pops the door open (Freudian slip).   Here I am reading (what else … Continue reading

Blog Savannah Unconference 08 lessons learned from a NEWBIE

I attended with much enthusiasm the Savannah Unconference and here are the top 10 things I learned. 10) Flickr isn’t what happens when a candle has reached it’s end. 9) I must be ready with a camera. Next year I’ll whip out a disposable camera when a photographer aims a camera at me.  8) I … Continue reading